Christian Education

Learning Scripture together is at the center of our Faith Community
Our Christian Education is for all ages; knowing that we never grow too old to learn more of God's love. 

SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES are held for all ages Sundays @ 9:15 to 10 am.  
                                           Most are held in the rooms around our church gym.


  • Preschool to High School

ADULT CLASSES (there are four) meet Sundays @ 9:15 to 10 am. They include 2 Bible Care Groups centered around the Scripture text for the Sunday; and the Couple's Class (Fellowship Hall) and the Vertie Eckard Class (Room #210). 

FIRST COMMUNION instruction is given to elementary-aged children when they feel ready to receive communion.

CONFIRMATION CLASSES are offered for all confirmation-aged youth and taught by our Pastor. These are cooperative with several area Lutheran churches so that our youth connect with teen peers at other congregations while studying about their faith. 

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL is held in cooperation with other local ELCA churches during one week in the summer. It includes a class for adults led by the Pastor and is held in the early evenings.

CHURCH LIBRARY has a varied supply of Christian books and literature for all ages.  Located on the east side of the gym in the Education Building, this resource is for members of the congregation of all ages...even the little ones! 

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